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vtLastMouse Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void OnMouse (vtMouseEvent &event)
 Virtual handler, to catch mouse events, can be overridden by your engine class.
void GetNormalizedMouseCoords (float &mx, float &my)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtEngine
osg::Referenced * GetTarget (uint which=0)
void AddTarget (osg::Referenced *ptr)
void RemoveTarget (osg::Referenced *ptr)
uint NumTargets ()
 Return the number of targets for this engine.
virtual void OnKey (int key, int flags)
 Virtual handler, to catch keyboard events, can be overridden by your engine class.
virtual void OnWindowSize (int width, int height)
 Virtual handler, to catch resize events, can be overridden by your engine class.
virtual void Eval ()

Public Attributes

int m_buttons
IPoint2 m_pos
int m_flags

Detailed Description

This simple engine extends the base class vtEngine with the ability to remember the last state of the mouse. This is useful for engines which simply need to know mouse state (cursor position and button state). They can simply subclass from vtLastMouse and use the inherited fields rather than having to catch mouse events.

Member Function Documentation

void vtLastMouse::GetNormalizedMouseCoords ( float &  mx,
float &  my 

Returns the mouse coordinates in the window, normalized such that X and Y range from -1 to 1 (left to right, top to bottom across the window.

Member Data Documentation

int vtLastMouse::m_buttons

The state of the mouse buttons

int vtLastMouse::m_flags

Last known state of the modifier flags

IPoint2 vtLastMouse::m_pos

The location of the mouse cursor