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vtLocationSaver Class Reference

Public Member Functions

bool Read (const vtString &fname)
 Read from a .loc file.
bool Write (const vtString &fname="")
 Write to a .loc file.
void Remove (int num)
 Remove a location by index.
int NumLocations ()
 Return number of locations.
vtLocationGetLocation (int num) const
 Get a location by index.
int FindLocation (const char *locname)
 Find a location by name.
void SetTransform (vtTransform *trans)
 Attach this LocationSaver to an object in the scenegraph.
vtTransformGetTransform ()
 Return the object attached to this LocationSaver.
void SetLocalCS (const LocalCS &conv)
 Define the conversion between this saver and terrain coordinates.
void SetProjection (const vtProjection &proj)
 Define the projection of the object attached to this LocationSaver.
bool StoreTo (uint num, const LocNameString &name="")
 Get the location of the attached object and store it.
bool RecallFrom (int num)
 Recall a location by index, and set it to the attached object.

Detailed Description

This class manages a set of named locations (position and orientation). It can save and load the locations to a file, and jump back to any stored location.

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