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vtMovGeode Class Reference
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- Public Member Functions inherited from TransformExtension
void Identity ()
void SetTrans (const FPoint3 &pos)
FPoint3 GetTrans () const
void Translate (const FPoint3 &pos)
void TranslateLocal (const FPoint3 &pos)
void Rotate (const FPoint3 &axis, double angle)
void RotateLocal (const FPoint3 &axis, double angle)
void RotateParent (const FPoint3 &axis, double angle)
FQuat GetOrient () const
FPoint3 GetDirection () const
void SetDirection (const FPoint3 &point, bool bPitch=true)
void Scale (float factor)
void Scale (float x, float y, float z)
void SetTransform (const FMatrix4 &mat)
void GetTransform (FMatrix4 &mat) const
void PointTowards (const FPoint3 &point, bool bPitch=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from NodeExtension
void SetEnabled (bool bOn)
bool GetEnabled () const
void SetCastShadow (bool b)
 Set this node to cast a shadow, if it is under a vtShadow node. Default is false.
bool GetCastShadow ()
 Get whether this node casts a shadow.
void GetBoundSphere (FSphere &sphere, bool bGlobal=false)
 Get the Bounding Sphere of the node.

Detailed Description

A utility class which simply wraps some geometry (vtGeode) inside a transform (vtTransform) so that you can move it.