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vtFeatureSetLineString3D Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

uint NumEntities () const
void SetNumGeometries (int iNum)
void Reserve (int iNum)
bool ComputeExtent (DRECT &rect) const
void Offset (const DPoint2 &p, bool bSelectedOnly=false)
bool TransformCoords (OCTransform *pTransform, bool progress_callback(int)=0)
bool AppendGeometryFrom (vtFeatureSet *pFromSet)
int AddPolyLine (const DLine3 &pl)
const DLine3GetPolyLine (uint num) const
DLine3GetPolyLine (uint num)
bool ComputeHeightRange (float &fmin, float &fmax)
int NumTotalVertices () const
bool FindClosest (const DPoint2 &p, int &close_feature, DPoint3 &close_point)
virtual bool IsInsideRect (int iElem, const DRECT &rect)
virtual void CopyGeometry (uint from, uint to)
virtual void SaveGeomToSHP (SHPHandle hSHP, bool progress_callback(int)=0) const
virtual void LoadGeomFromSHP (SHPHandle hSHP, bool progress_callback(int)=0)
virtual bool EarthExtents (DRECT &ext) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from vtFeatureSet
bool SaveToSHP (const char *filename, bool progress_callback(int)=0) const
bool LoadFromOGR (OGRLayer *pLayer, bool progress_callback(int)=0)
bool LoadFromSHP (const char *fname, bool progress_callback(int)=0)
bool LoadDataFromDBF (const char *filename, bool progress_callback(int)=0)
bool LoadFieldInfoFromDBF (const char *filename)
bool LoadDataFromCSV (const char *filename, bool progress_callback(int)=0)
bool SaveToKML (const char *filename, bool progress_callback(int)=0) const
void SetFilename (const vtString &str)
vtString GetFilename () const
void SetNumEntities (int iNum)
void AllocateFeatures ()
OGRwkbGeometryType GetGeomType () const
void SetGeomType (OGRwkbGeometryType eGeomType)
bool AppendDataFrom (vtFeatureSet *pFromSet)
void SetToDelete (int iFeature)
int ApplyDeletion ()
void Select (uint iEnt, bool set=true)
bool IsSelected (uint iEnt) const
uint NumSelected () const
void DeselectAll ()
void InvertSelection ()
int SelectByCondition (int iField, int iCondition, const char *szValue)
void DeleteSelected ()
bool IsDeleted (uint iEnt)
int DoBoxSelect (const DRECT &rect, SelectionType st)
void Pick (uint iEnt, bool set=true)
bool IsPicked (uint iEnt)
void DePickAll ()
uint NumFields () const
FieldGetField (int i)
const FieldGetField (int i) const
FieldGetField (const char *name)
int GetFieldIndex (const char *name) const
int AddField (const char *name, FieldType ftype, int string_length=40)
int AddRecord ()
void DeleteFields ()
void SetValue (uint record, uint field, const char *string)
void SetValue (uint record, uint field, int value)
void SetValue (uint record, uint field, double value)
void SetValue (uint record, uint field, bool value)
void GetValueAsString (uint record, uint field, vtString &str) const
void SetValueFromString (uint iRecord, uint iField, const vtString &str)
void SetValueFromString (uint iRecord, uint iField, const char *str)
int GetIntegerValue (uint iRecord, uint iField) const
short GetShortValue (uint iRecord, uint iField) const
float GetFloatValue (uint iRecord, uint iField) const
double GetDoubleValue (uint iRecord, uint iField) const
bool GetBoolValue (uint iRecord, uint iField) const
void SetProjection (const vtCRS &proj)
vtCRSGetAtProjection ()
vtFeature * GetFeature (uint iIndex) const
vtFeature * GetFirstSelectedFeature () const

Protected Attributes

std::vector< DLine3m_Line
- Protected Attributes inherited from vtFeatureSet
OGRwkbGeometryType m_eGeomType
std::vector< vtFeature * > m_Features
vtArray< Field * > m_fields
vtCRS m_proj
vtString m_strFilename

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from vtFeatureSet
void CopyEntity (uint from, uint to)
void ParseDBFFields (DBFHandle db)
void ParseDBFRecords (DBFHandle db, bool progress_callback(int)=0)

Detailed Description

A set of 3D linestring features, also known as "polylines." Each linestring is basically a simple set of 3D points.

Member Function Documentation

bool vtFeatureSetLineString3D::FindClosest ( const DPoint2 p,
int &  close_feature,
DPoint3 close_point 

For a given 2D point, find the linear feature closest to it (horizontally), and the closest point on that feature. Return true if a feature was found.

void vtFeatureSetLineString3D::Reserve ( int  iNum)

If you know how many entities you will be adding to this FeatureSet, is it more efficient to reserve space for that many.

Implements vtFeatureSet.