Software Utilizing the VTP

The following are publicly available commercial software which leverage the VTP applications and/or libraries.  Several additional packages using the VTP are not included here since they are either classified, being used internally in organizations, or the company has not given permission to reveal their use of the VTP.

Environ Communicator Virtual Outlooks Ltd. - Environ Suite
  • The Environ Suite of programmes is designed for the creation and viewing of 3D digital terrain models. These models are geographically and architecturally accurate, and can contain features of both the natural and built environment.
  • Built on the VTP software, extended with advanced features like Visual Impact, Light Occlusion, and back end server links.
Atlas (Ireland) - SCC View
  • A viewer, built on vtosg, provides a realtime 3D extension to the power of Atlas Computer Ltd.'s Survey Control Center geomatics software.
  • The viewer uses many of vtlib's features, including TINs with multiple textures, vegetation and linear features, 3D model instances, etc.
CityDiscoverer GTA Geoinformatik - tridicon CityDiscoverer
  • GTA-geo's city-modelling suite of software includes a runtime visualization component called CityDiscoverer which is built on VTP Enviro, with several powerful additions including CityGML import.
  • Their primary business is rapid, efficient creation of detailed city models, see City Modelling: Consulting and Services
MicroApp - Ecran de Ville France 3D
  • inexpensive application for 3D flight over France, either user-navigated or as a screensaver, for education or tourism
  • dynamically updated information on more than 300 cities shown as popups, and background music
Sail Simulator Sail Simulator Scenery Designer Toolkit (€30)
  • Bundles VTBuilder which aids users of the Sail Simulator software in bringing real-world elevation data from a large number of file formats into their attractive simulation environment. GeoSynergy GIS consulting, Australia
  • Custom spatial information environments, built on the VTP software.
Power Transmission High-end engineering software for transmission lines
  • As of April 2002, includes a 3D visualization capability which uses vtlib, and an elevation tool which is an extended subset of VTBuilder.
  • Extensive use of the transmission line capabilities of vtlib.
Flight paths MDA Flight Path Safety System AFTERPS-R
  • (news release from May 2004)
  • now in use by the United States Air Force (USAF).  vtlib enables a 3D view to complement the application which "ensures that arrival and departure procedures used by pilots and air traffic controllers take into account essential land information such as terrain hazards and /or man-made obstacles."
UtopikA - HorizoN Product Line
  • A Portuguese software company with a complete product line of Virtual Terrain software solutions, based primarily on the VTP software.
  • They provide some extensions, including adding aircraft to Enviro and additional layer types to VTBuilder, and commercial support
  • Here is how the VTP software maps onto their products:
    VTP Name UtopikA Name Price
    Enviro (Terrain View) HorizoN Runtime free
     feature: add and edit objects HorizoN Runtime Editor €2000 + €500 support 
     feature: add vegetation Eco HorizoN "contact us"
    Enviro (Earth View) Earth HorizoN €1000 + €250 support
    VTBuilder HorizoN Creator 7500 + €1000 support
    CManager HorizoN Object Manager €2000 + €250 support
    vtlib / vtdata HorizoN SDK €15000 + €2500 support
     + €500/seat royalties
     + €2000/year "developer program"

As of July 2004, a major vendor of earth-work estimating software (who chooses to remain anonymous) is using vtlib to provide an interactive 3D view of cut/fill operations.

Research Software

There are also several academic research projects which are using or have built on the VTP for visualization.

One multi-year project at FIU has produced several published papers: