vterrain.org site and project history - older


  06.12.23 added Ultramundum/4DGea to Italy
  06.12.08 added Realistic and Interactive Simulation of Rivers to Water
  06.12.06 added Rendering Grass Terrains in Real-Time with Dynamic Lighting to Plant Papers
added Real-Time Editing, Synthesis, and Rendering of Infinite Landscapes on GPUs to Artificial Terrain
  06.11.14 added Digital Nursery to Plant Images
  06.11.11 added urban futures laboratory projects to Australia and China
added Seumas Young's Terrain Tutorial to LOD Implementations
  06.11.08 added Microsoft's "Virtual Earth 3D" to Commercial Software
added SoTerrain to LOD Implementations
  06.10.31 added X-Plane to Flight-Sims
  06.10.24 added Real-Time Visualization of Large Textured Terrains to LOD Papers
added Dreamlands to Artificial / Artistic
  06.10.19 added Point of Interest to Free Imagery Sources
  06.10.17 there are now 6650 VTP recipients in 132 countries with recent addition of Cote d'Ivoire, Rwanda, Libya..
  06.10.14 added EarthSculptor to Artificial / Artistic
  06.10.13 added Google 3D Warehouse Cities in Development throughout Locations
added 3DGeoInfo'06 to Community
  06.10.10 added Archivideo to City Modeling Services
  06.10.03 noted the SINTEF globe is now called Norkart Virtual Globe
added GRIFINOR to Noncommercial Tools
  06.09.19 added PagesJaunes 'Ville en 3D' Beta to France
  06.09.17 added a historical village near B. Štiavnica, Slovakia to Europe
  06.09.07 added palazzo Bovara and piazza del Doumo to Italy
added Synchro Studio 3D Viewer to Commercial Tools
many updates to Roads, Vehicles and Traffic
  06.09.05 added SUMO to Vehicles
  06.08.31 updates to Hawai'i Imagery
  06.08.27 added 3D Warehouse and updates to Vehicles
  06.08.24 created How to use Blender with OSG/VTP
  06.08.13 added Antarctica Virtua to International
  06.08.01 several updates to Commercial Imagery Sources
06.07.26 added Magnago Virtuale to Italy
06.07.24 added LandXplorer CityGML Tool to Cities
  06.07.21 added Terrain Rendering using Spherical Clipmaps to LOD Papers
  06.07.17 added Dachsbacher's giant paper Interactive Terrain Rendering to Artificial Terrain and Geotypical Textures
  06.07.10 added France 3D to Software Utilizing the VTP
  06.07.07 updated SRTM to indicate CGIAR-CSI offers cleaned up SRTM data for download
  06.07.06 added papers to Cities: Research
  06.07.01 added CitySurf to Commercial
  06.06.28 filled in some VMAP1 history (Free World Map, NIMA vs. Enemies of the State) on Data Openness
  06.06.12 added Géoportail to France (in Europe)
added Infinity to Artificial Terrain
  06.06.08 added Trian3D Builder to Commercial
  06.06.03 added Cruiser and its Greece on-line demo to Commercial and Europe
  06.06.02 updated papers of Bedřich Beneš on Water
added Adaptive [..] Strip Masks to LOD Papers
  06.05.30 added C-BDAM to LOD Papers 
  06.05.29 added SilverLining to Clouds
  06.05.17 added surfit to Contour Data
  06.05.12 added Google moves into virtual worlds to Hype
  06.05.10 added MegaCITY Hawaii and other updates to Oahu
  06.04.28 added Lumo Builder to Artificial Scene Tools
  06.04.26 added Terrain Rendering on Cell Processor to LOD Papers
  06.04.24 added GPU-Friendly High-Quality Terrain Rendering to LOD Papers
  06.04.19 updates to UK (London and Bath) and Brazil
  06.04.18 updated Sunlit Designs / Sun API on Sky / Atmosphere
  06.04.09 updated Planetary Terrain Rendering on Spherical Grids
  06.04.05 added ME-DEM to Beyond Earth
  06.03.24 added Free Our Data: the blog to Openness
  06.03.23 updated CommunityViz SiteBuilder 3D on Commercial Tools
  06.03.22 improved description of USGS building footprints
added HawaiianImages.net aerials to Hawai‘i Island Imagery
  06.03.16 added Lenné3D-Xplorer to Commercial Tools, updated Lenné3D on Plant Software and Academic Projects
added CityGRID to Services
  06.03.15 added Quest3D to Commercial Tools
  06.03.05 added CyberCity AG models of Salzburg, Paris, Los Angeles
  06.03.04 updated International Symposium on Digital Earth (ISDE) on Community including their 2006 and 2007 events
  06.03.03 updates to Oahu
  06.03.02 added Paul Bourke's textures page to Ground Cover and Buildings
  06.03.01 added osgEphemeris to Atmosphere
there are now 6350 VTP recipients in 126 countries with today's addition of Kyrgyzstan
  06.02.27 added Jonathan de Ferranti's mountain peak elevation data to SRTM
  06.02.24 added EarthSLOT to the Academic Projects page
added Sean O'Neil's Procedural Universe to Atmosphere and Artificial Terrain
  06.02.22 there are now images and video from the Holbeck Urban Village Model (Leeds, UK)
  06.02.19 added French VTP tutorial by Bruno Basli
  06.02.18 began Press section with articles Virtual globes: The web-wide world and Digital Reality: Comparing Geographic Exploration Systems
  06.02.17 added Fractal Terrains Pro to Artificial / Artistic
added ORBITER Space Simulator to Atmosphere and Spherical Textures
added UniView Halo Surfaces to Commercial
  06.02.10 added OSGeo to Community
  06.02.06 added Geo Dec to Cities: Research
  06.01.30 added Leica Virtual Explorer to Commercial
  06.01.22 added batchgeocode.com to Geocoding
  06.01.21 added Island of Ni‘ihau dataset to the Repository
  06.01.20 added Leeds 3D to UK
added SIMurban to Commercial
  06.01.19 added Edushi (E都市) to China
  06.01.13 added Ni‘ihau Photoreal Scenery to Hawaii: Other Islands
added Virtual Crops to Plant Research Projects
  06.01.09 gave Italy its own page
  06.01.03 added paper A 3D Visualization System for Hurricane Storm-Surge Flooding (pdf) to Software Utilizing the VTP


  05.12.29 made VTBuilder available as a standalone app
  05.12.15 added Bugaboo dataset to Canada and the reorganized Repository
  05.12.14 added Blue Marble Next Generation to Whole-Earth Imagery
  05.12.03 updated SRTM with SRTM Version 2 info
  05.11.12 added Google Earth to Commercial and wrote a review of Google Earth 3.0
  05.10.20 added a simple tutorial on how to use the VTP software
  05.10.19 updated library chart on Implementation
  05.09.30 added Road Network File (RNF) to Canada
  05.09.29 added Manningham VTP snapshots to Australia
  05.09.26 added news site SlashGISRS
added World Wind Central to Government
  05.09.22 added VWorldTerrain to Commercial
  05.09.14 added Novapoint Virtual Map to Commercial
  05.09.02 There are now 6050 VTP recipients in 125 countries, with today's addition of Uzbekistan
  05.09.01 added Trier and Noe's GPU water simulation to Water
  05.08.30 added VIPIR to Commercial
  05.08.18 added HadesGL to Caves
added EPA LandView Terrain Viewer to Government
  05.08.16 added CityGML to Cities
  05.08.14 new page for the Hawai‘i USDA/Emerge aerials
  05.08.08 added French translation for the VTP apps (i18n)
  05.08.03 added CUPUM to Community
  05.07.27 added INEGI CEM (Mexico DEMs) to North America
  05.07.14 added GEBCO to Bathymetry with a visual comparison to other datasets
  05.07.13 added Plant-Life to Plant Software
  05.07.12 added Arboretum to Plant Software, Forester to Forestry
updates to Marco Zgraggen's NYC Model
added Realtime Foliage Billboard Library to Plant Images
  05.07.11 updated Dr.P's links (Algorithmic Botany) and noted The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants is online as a PDF
added Real-Time Fluid Dynamics for Games to Water
  05.07.10 created an online summary of the VTP plant library
added papers (1, 2) on Smoothing Filter-Based Intensity Modulation (SFIM) to Processing Multi-band Images
  05.07.08 added Virtual Heritage Network to Community
  05.07.05 found the new home of SmartForest II (Forestry)
  05.06.27 added osgPlanet to Noncommercial
  05.06.23 added GeoTango GlobeView to Commercial
added Scene Express+LGM to Physical Output
  05.06.07 added Instant Architecture paper to Buildings
  05.06.06 added J. Royan's PBTree paper to Buildings,
Wissenbach Map3D to Noncommercial
  05.06.05 added PolyTrans-for-MAX to 3D Modeling Software
  05.06.02 added the USDA-NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway to Imagery Sources
  05.05.13 added Open Data Consortium to Data Openness
  05.05.10 added Nverse Photo to Buildings and Cities
  05.05.08 added fGIS to GIS, ScienceGL to Commercial, PnP TerrainCreator to Artificial
  05.05.06 added VR Huaian / Hongzehu (was at http://17de.com/huaian/)
  05.05.04 There are now 5600 VTP recipients in 121 countries, with today's addition of Armenia
  05.04.14 added Konrad Pietras' GPU-based atmosphere rendering to Sky
  05.04.07 added UNEP WDPA to International
  05.03.10 added Apeldoorn 3D article to Europe
  05.03.06 added NVIZ to GIS software
added Finelight Visual Technology to Water
added GENETICS to Gov/Academic Research Projects
  05.03.04 added geocoder.us to Geocoding
  05.02.23 added ams's LandSat tutorial to Processing Multi-band Images
  05.02.22 added Breakaway to Defense
added GeoSim to Community and Hype
  05.02.18 added Blue Rock Flight Studio to Commercial Tools
  05.02.15 added Italy eXplorer to Europe
  05.02.14 added Rendering Procedural Terrain by Geometry Image Warping to LOD Papers
  05.02.11 added a Roof Generation paper to Roofs
  05.02.09 added Xi'an Qujiang visualization to China
  05.02.02 added CompeGPS to Commercial Tools
  05.01.24 added How in the World? Terrain Textures to Geotypical
  05.01.21 added GeoFusion Mars Demo to Beyond Earth
  05.01.10 added Treemagik-G2 to Plant Software
  05.01.06 added Arbaro to Plant Software


  04.12.15 added Typhoon engine to Water
  04.12.03 added the work of the Virtual Heritage Lab of CNR-ITABC (Italy)
  04.11.24 added OpenStreetMap and MapOntology wiki to Roads
added SpacEyes3D to Commercial
  04.10.29 updates to Data Openness
new page on Location-specific terrain software
added Photoscape 3D
  04.10.20 added Hawai‘i 1977 OrthoQuads (1.2 GB)
  04.10.19 added libnova and Ralf Nielsen's Atmospheric Scattering paper to Sky / Atmosphere
the AIS TerrainTeam is back
  04.10.14 added many links to the UC Berkeley Digital Topo Maps to International
  04.10.01 added NOAA Aerials to Hawai‘i Imagery
  04.09.22 added Earth3D to Noncommercial
  04.09.21 added Getmapping and bluesky to Commercial imagery
  04.09.17 added FreeWorld3D to Artificial
  04.09.16 updates to LandSerf on Noncommercial
  04.09.15 added VWorld (used in Dark&Light) to Games
  04.09.09 added Piscatus to Commercial Software
  04.09.08 added Voxlap Demo to Caves
  04.09.03 added World Wind to Government
added JPL OnEarth Global Mosaic to Imagery Sources
many updates to Hawai‘i
  04.08.31 added Continuum sky textures to Sky
  04.08.24 improved page on Coordinate Systems
  04.08.20 added a VTP project at FIU under Florida
  04.08.19 updated Bathymetry
  04.08.14 There are now 5500 VTP recipients in 118 countries, with today's addition of Cameroon
  04.08.06 added UBIQ New Caledonia to International
  04.08.04 added SAGA to GIS Software
  04.07.14 SRTM for Australia is now online
added P-BDAM to LOD Papers, V-Planet to Academic
  04.07.08 added Geoscape3d to Artificial
  04.06.17 new page on Data Openness
  04.06.16 added Rendering Forests in Real-Time to Plant Papers
updates to Kaua‘i and New York
  04.06.15 added Geometry clipmaps to LOD Papers
  04.06.09 added planet-earth.org to Noncommercial
  04.06.03 added fourDscape to Commercial Tools
  04.05.20 added Clint Brewer's Rainbow approach to Sky
updates to New York City
  04.05.19 added PixelSense to Processing Imagery
  04.05.05 added projected grid concept [claes.galaxen.net/ex/ now gone] to Water
added Real-Time Atmospheric Scattering to Sky
  04.04.23 added Illustrated Architecture Dictionary
  04.04.12 added Terramodel to Commercial Tools
  04.04.09 added Stephan Heigl's work on sky color
  04.03.31 new page on Network Protocols
added ResMap to Free Imagery
added Proiectul România Digitala
  04.03.30 added YDreams to Europe
  04.03.29 updated Ecomodeler on Commercial Tools
added The Getaway to Buildings and Cities
  04.03.19 the VTP apps are starting to be internationalized
  04.03.15 added Positional Astronomy to Sky / Atmosphere
  04.03.04 many new SOEST links on the Hawai‘i pages
  04.03.03 added several DXF libraries to CAD
  04.02.27 updates to Large Textures in Hardware
  04.02.25 added screenshots of shadow casting
  04.02.24 added GeoShow3D to Commercial Tools
  04.02.18 updated Getting USGS Data
  04.02.17 updated VF spec to 2.0
  04.02.12 added SRTM Void Killer to Global Elevation
  04.02.11 added ike to Surveying
  04.02.10 added Simulation of Rain paper to Rain page
  04.02.03 added iGage - All Topo Maps to DRG
  04.01.28 added Sanborn CitySets to Buildings and Cities
updates to Large Textures
updated product ViewTec TerrainView
  04.01.27 added NextMap links for several countries


  03.12.24 added SRTMFill to Global Elevation Datasets
added Autodesk Envision to Commercial
  03.12.23 added some Snow papers
  03.12.18 added EarthSat GeoCover NaturalVue 2000 to Commercial Imagery
  03.12.08 added Misty Hill Terravisual to UK
  03.12.02 added Joe Dart's water demo to Water
  03.11.25 added SimPortal.Org to Community
  03.11.24 added GeoBase to Canada
  03.11.21 Global Mapper can also convert Contours
  03.11.19 added Etercalc to Roofs
  03.10.29 added Descensor to Procedural Buildings
  03.10.27 added Antarctica RAMP DEM to Locations
  03.10.21 created page for Locations file format
  03.10.15 gave Planning its own page, added VisuLands
  03.10.13 added MODIS RRS to Free Imagery
  03.10.11 added VRCO vGeo to Commercial
updates to Flight-Sims
  03.10.08 updates to UK data sources
  03.10.07 added Niniane Wang's work to Clouds
03.10.03 added Ranger Mk II to LOD Implementations
03.10.01 added the work of Bedřich Beneš to Plant Papers and Water
  03.09.29 added TerraServer (both commercial and free)
  03.09.24 added a Romanian file to the BT Repository
  03.09.23 added Elba to Tourism
wrote page on Cell Registration
  03.09.18 more about ASTER on Satellite Imagery
  03.09.12 added GDF to Roads
  03.08.25 updated Global Elevation Datasets for SRTM30
  03.08.21 added TerrainServer to Commercial
  03.08.19 added IMAGIS to Commercial
  03.08.14 updates to Nevada and Romania
  03.08.08 added Sven Forstmann's 'Voxel' engine to Caves
  03.08.07 added EDF (transportation network format) to Roads
  03.08.04 added 3D Downtown Oakville to GIS
  03.07.31 many updates to Canada
  03.07.29 added a review of MapCube UrbanViewer
  03.07.28 updated TUMONZ on New Zealand
  03.07.25 added MapCube Urban Viewer to Commercial
  03.07.24 added VTP projects in Santa Barbara and Arizona
added Stefan Greuter's work to Procedural Buildings
  03.07.23 added Coiba to Repository and Screenshots
expanded Roads
  03.07.22 added UK OS real-world object catalog to Culture
updates to UK
thanks to the new Geospatial One-Stop, found new data sources for areas including Oahu
  03.07.17 notes on combining image bands on Satellite Imagery
  03.07.16 gave the UK its own page
  03.07.12 added WinKarst to new page on Caves
added L3DT to Artificial
  03.07.03 added ARSIST to Satellite
new page on Fog, Rain, and Lighting
  03.07.01 SRTM (~90m DEM) is now online for North and South America
  03.06.29 new Screenshot of WMS imagery with feature labels
  03.06.19 new Screenshots of globe unfolding and blue marble draping
  03.06.13 added Simulation of Cloud Dynamics on Graphics Hardware and A Real-Time Cloud Modeling, Rendering, and Animation System (Swell) to Clouds
  03.06.12 paper for Infinite Universe Engine now available in English
added Blustery Trees to Plant Papers
  03.06.03 added TerraTracer to Commercial
added a stunning MODIS image to Hawai‘i
  03.06.02 added Simon Jude's work on Visualisation of the Norfolk Coast
03.05.31 added Power Render Landscape Studio to Games
  03.05.15 (site upgraded to use more CSS; pages should load faster)
added MrSID to Satellite / Aerial Images
03.05.11 added CityEngine to Buildings and Cities
03.05.01 added Infinite Universe Engine to Academic
03.04.30 updated info for the University of Zurich Landscape Visualization Lab on Academic
03.04.29 added Gscape to Artificial
03.04.23 added Issues with alpha values in texture-mapped billboards
03.04.22 added 3DNWorld under 3D Nature Studio on Commercial
  03.04.19 added Philo's Sky Collection to Sky
(packaged some for Enviro on Skydome Images)
03.04.15 added 3D viz of the Traunsee region to Tourism
  03.04.14 exposed new Costa Rica elevation in BT Repository
added lighting flat objects tutorial to Plant Modeling
  03.04.13 added JPSD and RTV to Defense
  03.04.08 updated Gizmo3D entry, moved it to Commercial
added hardware geomorphing paper to LOD Papers
  03.04.01 put Microsoft on its own page, with a 1-line review of Encarta's latest Virtual Flights feature
added a few links to Whole-Earth Images
03.03.28 a batch of 220 VTP CDs was mailed today; there are now 3640 recipients in 100 countries
03.03.27 added Artificial Planet to Artificial / Artistic
  03.03.26 notes are being added frequently to New York
  03.03.25 added MaxMind GeoIP to Geocoding
  03.03.24 added Gerstner's global LOD paper to Spherical Grids
  03.03.16 added NYCEM to New York, HAZUS to Misc
  03.03.13 added the GeoURL project to Geocoding
03.03.10 added Aasgaard's map projection to Spherical Textures
  03.03.09 added VRvis 3D City Modeling project to Cities
clarified INTEC data vendor on International and Costa Rica
new page on the U.S. Survey Foot
  03.03.08 expanded BRC page
  03.03.06 added Enviro snapshots and Timeformations to New York
  03.03.05 added Ervin's Landscape Modeling book
added Manitoba Land Initiative to Canada
  03.02.28 added Feature Analyst to DRG
  03.02.03 added EOSL's data to Costa Rica
added CatchmentSIM to Water
03.01.29 added PODS to linear structures
03.01.28 added Kencho's whitepaper to Atmosphere
03.01.11 added Virtual Slyne-with-Hest to International
  03.01.10 added several items to Geocoding
03.01.06 added Modeling and Rendering of Atmospheric Effects and Night Rendering to Sky
  03.01.04 added The Virtual Old Prague Project to International
added BlueMarbleViewer to several places
  03.01.03 added POV-Ray and GT to Artificial / Artistic
added terrify to LOD Implementations
  03.01.02 added Revit Parametric Building Modeler to CAD Software
  03.01.01 added Solid Terrain Modeling to Misc


  02.12.30 added TruEarth 30 meter to Whole-Earth Images
  02.12.26 added CyberCity to Community, some of their work to Locations, and their their papers to Buildings and Cities
  02.11.28 added paper on Display of High Contrast Images to Dynamic Range
added Digital Grove to Community
  02.11.26 updated LandForm products including their new TerrainServer (pdf)
  02.11.25 added IDV to Noncommercial
added NASA Digital Earth PC to Government / Academic
  02.11.18 added to Community: geosimulation.org, CitySimulation and urbansimulation.com
added GeoViz and InterSCOPE products to Commercial
added ArcGIS Desktop Data Models to GIS
  02.10.25 added Geographic Transformer to Aerial Imagery
  02.10.24 added geoENABLER [digitalearth.org] to Community, TOPP to the front page
added latest Dr. P paper to Plant Papers
new page for Australia
  02.10.23 updated VTST format to the latest, GML-based schema
added a description of the VF format
  02.10.16 added Virtual New Zealand to Tourism
  02.10.10 added NASA ESAD to Free Imagery Sources
added ASTER DEM to Other Elevation Data
integrated NMR Thesaurus into Culture Classification
  02.10.09 added Interactive Visualization of Complex Plant Ecosystems, Lenné 3D, and Oliver Deussen's latest work to Plant Papers
  02.10.08 updated page on Xfrog
  02.09.18 added Ecoviewer to Commercial Tools
added some software to Roofs page
  02.09.17 updated Implementation Library chart
added AccuTrans 3D to Commercial Tools
  02.08.22 added Digital Egypt 3D to Locations
added aeliom to Artificial Terrain Tools
  02.08.21 added E00 to GIS
added Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program to California
added BIL and BSQ to Image Formats
  02.08.05 greatly expanded page on Roofs
  02.08.04 added Using Virtual Cities to Plan Real Cities to China
added NovaPOINT Virtual Map to CAD
  02.08.02 added Rendering of Alpine Terrain paper to Geotypical
  02.08.01 added UCLA UST projects to Tourism and elsewhere
added AIMSUM 3D to Vehicles
  02.07.30 new page on Software Utilizing the VTP
  02.07.29 added Eingana to Tourism
  02.07.21 added Hangzhou to China and the front page


02.07.18 added 3DIMap to Commercial
added SIMDIS to Defense
new page on New Zealand
  02.07.17 added Panoramica to Sky
added Sean O'Neil's floating-point precision article
added University of Zurich VisLab to Academic
  02.07.16 the VTP has joined forces with The Open Planning Project
  02.07.09 added World Machine to Artificial Terrain Tools
created new page on Distance
added K2VI to Commercial Tools
02.06.12 added Maya Paint Effects to Plant Software
02.06.07 added 3DCarto to Commercial
02.06.06 added the island of Kaho‘olawe, along with data and imagery in the Repository, and a mention in Tourism
updated 3DEM on Commercial with its many new features
02.06.04 added EarthViewer to Commercial and wrote up an evaluation of it as well
  02.05.26 added Sanborn Maps to Buildings and Cities
02.05.25 two new screenshots were uploaded recently
  02.05.22 added SpeedTree and TreesDesigner to Plant Software
  02.05.20 added Terrain Shadow Maps paper to Shadows,
gave Dynamic Range its own page
  02.05.19 added Lindstrom's SOAR and Ernest Szoka's T-Strip LOD to Implementations
expanded Spherical Grid LOD and gave it its own page
02.05.18 the rate of downloads has increased recently,
there are now 2250 recipients in 93 countries
02.05.17 added Danny Chapman's gliding flight sim to Implementations
02.05.14 added another cloud modeling paper
added LiveDolomiti to Tourism
02.05.13 added Maptitude to GIS
SkyWorks now has source available (on Clouds page)
02.04.28 new page on Power Lines
added Gaia3D's software to Commercial Tools
  02.04.07 added an atmospheric modeling paper to Sky / Atmosphere
added Umeå University VRlab to Academic
02.03.23 added Flying Over Switzerland to Tourism
02.03.18 added Mark Harris's SkyWorks demo to Clouds
updates to Vehicles regarding traffic simulation
02.03.15 added GrassTest to Plant Modeling
02.03.13 added lScape to Implementations
02.03.11 added Gottfried Chen's realtime implementation to Water
02.02.21 added the NASA Blue Marble images to Whole-Earth, including Dymaxion-projected versions for use with Enviro
02.02.01 a batch of VTP CDs were mailed last month, bringing the number of recipients to 1700 in 88 countries
02.01.27 added some files to BT Repository (Kaua‘i, Japan)
02.01.08 added Hoppe's Puget Sound demo to Runtime TIN LOD
02.01.01 added Thatcher Ulrich's chunkdemo to LOD Implementations


01.12.30 added sections on Classification to Buildings and Plant Distribution
01.12.29 gave South Africa its own page, much expanded
01.12.16 added section on formats to CAD Software
added dVPS to Rendering Performance
  01.12.08 added Henri Hakl's Diamond Terrain to LOD Papers
01.11.28 added Procedural Landscapes to  LOD Papers and to Detail Textures / Blending
01.11.24 added several Lighting papers to Sky / Atmosphere
  01.11.20 added A Physically-Based Nightsky Model to Sky
01.11.19 updated Global Mapper (was dlgv32pro)
expanded Geotypical Imagery
  01.11.06 added Visual Nature Studio to Commercial Tools
01.11.01 added Terraform to Noncommercial
01.10.31 added USGS NLCD to Plant Distribution
added the TEC's Resources and Survey to Defense
01.10.25 added Digital Landscapes and Virtual Gardening to Plant Software
added Virtual Garden Walkthrough to Tourism
01.10.24 added some notes on caves
added C-Genesis and Equater to Commercial Tools
added Contour It to Contour Data
  01.10.15 added AIS Virtual Cities to Defense
new page: Support the VTP
  01.10.12 added earthinfo to Free Imagery Sources
01.10.05 added Johan Hammes' Modelling of ecosystems paper
01.10.04 gave Canada it's own page under Locations
01.10.01 added Virtual Florida Everglades to Tourism
01.09.30 fixed Ratcliff data in the  BT repository
01.09.29 added ANUDEM to Contour Data
01.09.27 added Deep-Water Rendering paper to Water
  01.09.26 added Procedural Planet to Artificial Terrain
added new Lindstrom et. al. to LOD Papers
01.09.25 added 3DField to Contour Data
01.09.23 added SINTEF Virtual Globe to Noncommercial
added NOAA GLOBE Project to Elevation Data
01.08.31 added MojoWorld to new Artificial Tools page
01.08.29 revised library chart under VTP Implementation
01.08.28 added dlgv32 Pro and TerrainViz to Commercial Tools
01.08.27 added CSP to Noncommercial
01.08.19 added to Contour Data
01.08.18 added D. Dufke's engine1 to LOD Implementations
01.08.17 updated LSS Vista / 3D Vantage in Commercial Tools
added Bionatics to Plant Tools
  01.08.13 added 3-D TopoQuads to Commercial Tools
  01.08.05 added 3D Flight Over Switzerland to Tourism
01.08.03 updated SRTM
01.08.01 added RealSite / InReality to Commercial Tools
  01.07.22 added Diamond to CLOD Implementations
  01.07.20 added a Snow paper to Ground Cover
01.07.08 added City Generator, some academic papers and more to Buildings and Cities
01.06.22 added g3DGVM to Non-commercial tools
  01.06.14 some more data sources in Locations
  01.06.04 added Radon Labs to Spherical LOD
  01.05.20 added evaluation of the Blueberry3d Viewer
  01.05.02 added Real-Time Cloud Rendering to Clouds
  01.04.26 new link for ROAM in LOD Papers
added G-Vista and SiteBuilder3D to Commercial tools
01.04.22 added BTS to Vector Data
added Manifold to GIS Software
added l-Vis to Forestry
  01.04.13 this site was mentioned on Slashdot
  01.04.10 added Slices to Plant Modeling and Rendering
  01.03.23 gave SDTS its own page
  01.03.07 new: Global Data Sharing/Referencing
added EnVision to  Forestry
  01.03.05 updates to GIS and Locations
  01.03.04 added Exoflight to spherical grid LOD
  01.02.22 added to ground and detail textures
  01.02.16 added J.Hasting's 4km image to Whole-Earth
major shipment today, 413 CDs went out
  01.02.15 new: documentation for VTP Vegetation
  01.02.13 added to Buildings, CAD, and vtlib Buildings
new: Roofs
01.02.11 updated vtlib
01.02.06 added i-cubed to Commercial imagery
updated Buildings
  01.01.31 added GPS info
added LandSerf to Noncommercial
  01.01.30 added to Roads and Rail and Fences
more documentation for vtlib
01.01.27 new image for Kaua‘i
  01.01.26 added EarthVision to Commercial tools
added TruEarth to Whole-Earth Images
  01.01.25 more on GPS devices in Data Collection
01.01.23 added section on Rocks
new: Representing Unknown Values
  01.01.22 new version of the BT format
updated Repository with samples in the new version
  01.01.19 added new VTP demo screenshots
01.01.18 added Andreas Ögren to published LOD papers


  00.10.22 added SpatialAce to commercial tools
  00.09.05 new: Flight-Sims
  00.09.04 added datum to Coordinate Systems
  00.08.29 added DFAD to vector data
updated Nevada
  00.08.26 added to sky and dynamic range
reorganized implementation
  00.08.09 new: Honoka‘a
  00.08.08 gave Xfrog its own page
added Leveller to commercial tools
  00.08.06 new: Spherical Textures
  00.08.03 new stuff in atmosphere and clouds
  00.08.02 new: elevation repository of BT data
00.08.01 added STK to commercial tools
00.07.27 added XTerra to LOD implementations
00.06.19 new: Geocoding addresses
00.04.19 shipped a new VTP CD, 100 recipients
00.04.06 created new list of current goals / areas of development
00.03.10 redesigned site layout
00.01.27 shipped a new VTP CD, 25 recipients
00.02.10 SMTerrain memory usage reduced to 3 bytes/vertex
00.01.10 new terrain LOD algorithm SMTerrain, reduces the memory required from 16-36 to 4-5 bytes/vertex!


99.12.29 shipped a new VTP CD, 16 recipients
99.12.20 added support for GTOPO30
99.12.09 added support for DTED0
99.12.05 added limited support for CDF files (bathymetry)
99.11.17 the whole project gets a new name: VTP, Toolbox and Enviro
99.10.26 procedural buildings now support 2 shapes, 3 roof types, windows and doors
99.10.25 stop signs and stoplights are now placed at approximately correct locations at intersections
99.10.04 road-building now supports up to 4 lanes, variable traffic directions, margins and sidewalks
99.09.30 RBuilder's roadmap topology cleanup much improved
99.08.28 showed the Nevada demo world in a solar-powered touch-screen kiosk at Burning Man 1999
99.08.25 major improvement to TBrowser, including bilinear sampling
99.08.24 runtime now supports multiple simultaneous terrains
  99.07.30 Added a couple island pix and some misc. new links here-and-there
99.07.12 Updates to building and city, implementation notes
Reorganized terrain data sources by type: point, vector, and polygonal
99.06.03 Added an eval of 3D analyst and some more stuff to atmosphere
99.05.18 New notes on hawai`i buildings
99.05.04 Added a page on using xfrog for hawaiian plants
99.04.27 Found a fascinating source of NASA aerial photos
Expanded other virtual hawai`i into a page of its own
  99.04.03 Added page on hawaiian plant textures
99.03.31 Added pages on applying textures and GIS
99.03.24 Added a recent data gathering trip to the big island
  99.03.05 Created a FAQ
99.03.01 Added pages on plant texture maps and expanded plant life in general
99.02.20 Lots of growth in virtual hawai`i under plants, animals, etc.
99.01.19 New virtual terrain pages on integrating and navigation
99.01.02 Added pages of explanation and thanks to virtual hawai`i


98.11.20 Updated hawai`i plants page with maps of rainfall and vegetation
98.11.16 Added some geography and vegetation stuff for virtual hawai`i, and more notes on my house.
98.10.12 Lots more stuff in virtual hawai`i, around 30% growth.  I've been working hard on this project for a long time...
98.07.29 Extended terrain notes under virtual hawai`i
98.03.09 Greatly expanded virtual hawai`i


97.11.18 New and updated info on sim hawai'i
97.05.08 Fixed, improved layout, and expanded hawai'i pages